UltraStar Play - free & libre sing-along karaoke game

UltraStar Play is a free and open-source “sing-along” karaoke game for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation and other modern platforms. The game plays the audio file, displays lyrics, notes, and optionally a background video or picture. The players sing the songs and try to hit the notes to get points.

song singing in two player mode

By default, the game is packed with only a few Creative Commons licensed demo songs. However, the UltraStar Play has an integrated song editor to help you create the karaoke songs you always wanted.
Furthermore, the game can easily be extended with third party songs using the UltraStar song fomat. Please use your favorite web search engine to find additional song packages (free or paid-for, depending on licensing).

song selection scene


UltraStar Play is a new project which started in 2018/2019 and is not ready for “production use”. Preview alpha versions are available for download at this link, targeting Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android.

Until UltraStar Play is ready to use, you might want to try one of these already existing free karaoke games instead:

  1. UltraStar Deluxe
  2. Performous
  3. Vocaluxe

Source Code and Getting Involved

UltraStar Play is created using the Unity game engine and mostly C# (Mono/.Net) as software development language. The source code, documentation, and issue tracker can be found on GitHub.

Support and Contact

Having trouble with UltraStar Play? Check out our documentation or contact us using the Gitter webchat and we will help you sort it out.

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